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BOBBY Blades

We have a range of blades that we have fine-tuned into a relatively light, efficient, no-fuss system that will ensure your midnight plow removal game is on point. We offer a wide range of BOBBY black blades. We have custom-built 6-foot models for side by sides and four-wheelers. Our 8 and 8.5 models are perfect for the average driveway pull and finally, our 14 to 16-foot models make parking lots and large areas a breeze. We offer a large range of colors to our customers, allowing them to set their fleet of trucks apart from their competitors and allowing their brand to shine through.



  Sick of retrieving your lawn maintenance tools from that old rusted-out truck bed? Boy, do we have the solution for you! Our flatbeds complete with light bars and stake pockets are customized to your truck specifically. These are completely customizable to the Client.


  We have built whip racks, gas tank trays, and underbody storage in the past to maximize each customer's specific needs. We build flatbeds with full metal or with wooden planking. Just let us know your preference!


Dump Beds

  We have built a range of dump beds as well, completely customizable to the customer. We have built traditional packages with hoists and just completed a build with no hoist required.

  Some of the special requests accommodated in the past include removable wooden sides, removable aluminum sides, side dumps. You can literally think of whatever would make your day more efficient and we will make it happen.


Custom Metalwork

  From light bars to gates and dovetails to trailers, we have had many requests for random metalwork. Please look through the photos for custom work done in the past, but know this has no hold on the future.


  Don't see what you had in mind? Do you have more ideas? Give us a call and let's discuss what we can do for you!

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